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The C3PNO Data Repository Search Tool

With a combined sample size of approximately 12,000 participants, the C3PNO data repository is a valuable resource for investigators.

Powerful Combined Data Sample

The data repository search tool will allow investigators to find out what clinical and biospecimen datapoints of interest are available.

The available data variables have been collated from the most commonly collected data elements from each cohort. The first set of common data elements will include:

  • General participant data
  • Substance use data
  • Behavioral data
  • HIV/AIDS data
  • Clinical data
  • Specimen data
C3PNO data repository search tool
Easy-to-use search criteria

Aggregate Data for Research Feasibility

The data repository search tool will provide aggregate counts of participants and biospecimens that meet researcher needs.

To use the participant data or request biospecimens, researchers will need to submit a concept sheet. Using the search tool helps researchers determined the feasibility of their concept sheet and focus on what they want to request.

Even More Data

We are working towards getting current, common data variables ready for the data repository search tool, but there is much more data collected by the C3PNO-participating cohorts. For a more comprehensive or complex data request, please contact us.

Screenshot of C3PNO data repository search results
Aggregate results for concept sheet feasibility

This is Just the Beginning

As the C3PNO project continues, we plan to identify more common data collections and make more data available through the data repository search tool.