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Recent Cohort Publications

Below are the ten most recent publications from C3PNO cohorts.

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C3PNO Resources

C3PNO COVID-19 Cross-Cohort SurveyTool

COVID-19 Module for NIDA supported cohorts affected by HIV andSubstance Use

COVID-19 - American Academy of HIVMedicine: COVID-19 PrEP Access/Usage Surveys

The American Academy of HIVMedicine has developed two surveys to assess PrEP Access/Usage and RiskBehaviors during Shelter in Place/Stay at Home Orders under the COVID-19 outbreak. The first survey is forpatients currently using PrEP who reside in a jurisdiction with a Shelterin Place/Stay at Home Order. Patient Survey: The second survey is formedical providers who may prescribe PrEP (MD/DO, PA, NP, PharmD inCalifornia and WA). Provider Survey: If you have any questions about thesurvey, email Scott Brawley at,

C3PNO COVID-19 Continuum of Cross-CohortAssessments

The continuum of C3PNO cross-cohort assessmentspertaining to COVID-19

OwnCloud Link

C3PNO Cohort PIs can find additional documents on the OwnCloud file sharing space.

COVID-19 Safer Drug Use

Safer Drug Use During the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 SSP Harm Reduction Providers

Syringe Services and Harm Reduction Provider Operations During the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19- Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study (PHACS)

Participant Health Status Form

COVID-19- Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study (PHACS)

Caregiver Proxy Health Status Form

Citation Slides for Presentation

A set of slides that can be copy-pasted into a presentation to appropriately cite affiliation with C3PNO or use of C3PNO funds.

Cohort Information Sheet

A brochure that provides basic information about the cohorts.

About C3PNO

A brochure that provides an overview of the C3PNO project, its scope, aims. And capabilities.

Common Data Element Index

A document that provides an overview of how the C3PNO cohorts collect data and an index of which common data elements are provided by each cohort.