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The John Hopkins HIV Clinical Cohort (JHHCC) provides comprehensive longitudinal data on adult patients receiving care through John Hopkins HIV/AIDS Services ambulatory clinics.


The enrollees into the JHHCC are all patients in HIV care at Johns Hopkins principal HIV clinic in Baltimore, Maryland and at additional clinical sites in several Maryland counties that are managed by Johns Hopkins.

The cohort is highly representative of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Maryland. Demographically, one-third of the enrollees are women, almost 75% are African-American or black race, and clinically they represent all stages of HIV infection. Approximately 40% of the enrollees have had injecting drug use as their mode of HIV transmission, also reflecting the high rate of IDU in the HIV-infected population in Maryland. The age range of the cohort is 18 to over 90 years old, with a current median ageof 50 years. Almost 40% of the cohort is Hepatitis C co-infected.

Since 1990, over 9,000 patients have been enrolled into the cohort. There are currently almost 4,000 patients under active longitudinal follow-up. Over 1,800 deaths have been recorded in the population.


  • Build upon the cohort's strengths in longitudinal research focusing on HIV progression, HIV-associated non-AIDS co-morbidities, and aging with HIV infection
  • Focus on viral hepatitis co-infection, particularly hepatitis C, a co-morbidity that is prevalent in 45% of the cohort's participants, principally because of IDU
  • Focus on utilization, adherence, barriers, and outcomes of these promising new therapies
  • Continue to expand collaborative efforts with other investigators


JHHCC has a proven history of collaboration with over 150 epidemiological, clinical, translational and health services investigators by providing existing data, adding new data collection methods and instruments, identifying patient phenotypes for pathogenesis studies, clinical trials and observational studies, supplying repository specimens and serving as a research platform for a variety of investigational interests.

JHHCC is part of four other consortia

Current Research

  • Liver disease; fibrosis progression/regression, hepatocellular cancer, NASH
  • Other non-communicable co-morbidity, such as cancer, chronic kidney disease, multi-morbidity, and MI and other CVD
  • Morbidity and mortality from addiction, including prescribed opiates and aging with addiction
  • Mental health diagnosis, treatment and HIV progression
  • Chronic inflammation, immune activation and comorbidity

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